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GRB Results
4/2/11:  101, 392  1st
4/9/11:  134, 369  2nd (see forum post)
4/23/11: 506, 840 1st
4/30/11: 204,446 2nd
5/7/11:  441,598  1st
5/14/11: 638,303 1st
5/21/11: 649,220 2nd
5/28/11: 200,902 3rd
6/4/11: 388,268 4th
6/11/11: 635,370 1st
6/18/11: 692,673 1st
6/25/11: 550,313 2nd
7/2/11: 480,786 4th
7/9/11: 554,114 2nd
7/16/11: 505,136 5th
7/23/11: 583,518 3rd
7/30/11: 668,389 1st
8/6/11: 802,266 1st** (first 800k+ score on server!)
8/13/11: 660,263 1st
8/20/11: 732,892 1st
8/27/11:  641,238 4th
9/3/11: 753,342 4th
9/10/11: 626,010 5th
9/17/11: 664,895 3rd
9/23/11: 727,109 4th
10/1/11: 682,167 3rd
10/8/11: 723,841 3rd
10/15/11: 735,101 3rd
10/22/11: 720,111 3rd
10/29/11: 792,991 1st
11/5/11: 534,992 3rd
11/13/11: 170,136 9th
12/3/11: 135,258 5th
12/10/11: 297,888 2nd
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Welcome to Requiem!


This is the guild site for the Shaiya Absolution guild, Requiem.  We are a group of mature, experienced players that function together as a team.  Requiem only accepts the best people, therefore all new members will go through a 2 week probationary period.    We just want to make sure that Requiem is right for you and that you are right for Requiem.

Requiem is a team, not just a name to wear over your head.  To get a feel for the guild and to make a decision on whether or not to apply, check out the rules below to see if they match your playing style.

 Requiem Rules

**No dual guilding

**Trade between all guild members is free.  If you get extra gear, gear you don't need, or outgrow your gear, check with guildmates first to see if someone else needs it or consider donating to the guild warehouse before selling.  There are plenty of other ways to make gold on this server.  A fully-geared guild is a strong guild.


**Any guild members needing help with levelling should never have to beg for a party.  Again, a guild is only as strong as its members. 

**A minimum of 2 GRBs per month is mandatory.  Participation in events such as staff events and pvp/altar raids is highly encouraged.  We have a guild ranking system in place that will allow you to progress in the guild based upon your participation.

**Respect toward ALL Absolution players is mandatory.  Cruel disrespect, flaming, or doing anything against Absolution ToS will result in immediate banning from the guild.  Remember that your words and actions reflect not only upon you as a person, but also upon Requiem. 

 **All new members are required to go through a minimum 2 week trial period at rank 9 to make sure you are a good fit.  In order to advance to rank 8 and thus have access to the Guild Warehouse, you must complete the 2 weeks PLUS be registered on this website.  Registration allows you to review the guild ranking system as well as to be kept informed of guild parties and other events.

 **Most importantly, we are here to have fun!  

A few more things to keep in mind as you decide if Requiem is right for you:

-As stated above, we only accept the *best* players.  If you apply to the guild in game, expect to be watched for awhile to see how you interact with other players and how you conduct yourself in trade chat.  We don't accept whiners, beggars or drama kings/queens.

-Requiem has a solid core of players and officers that are more than happy to help other guild members.  Our membership has grown big enough to where we are very well-rounded.  Some love to PvP; some love to grind and farm; some love to go on boss raids. There is something here for everyone!

-Last but not least, the Requiem officers are committed to helping you enjoy your game time.  We want you to love Absolution as much as we do!

If you have any questions at all, please contact [GS]Payne, Jack.Daniels, Chief, LadyFemrage or FiDar in game.

Welcome to Requiem!


Absolution Officers
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